About Us

Everything starts as an idea…


Techimpossible Security Inc. was established in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 🇨🇦

Our Mission

We want to bring Cyber Security tools and services to startups, small and medium sized businesses that is appropriate and proportionate for their size, helping them focus on growth and implement Security from the ground up, without breaking the bank.

Our Values


We like to keep things simple, internally and externally. Speak plainly and clearly.


Being fair and doing the right thing is part of who we are. This allows us to be flexible.


We help each other succeed and grow personally and professionally. It also makes our products and services better.


We believe in paying it forward and we do it just because we can.


We encourage independent thought and original thinking. We like to do things our way and bring things to life that don’t fit the mould.


We know it takes people with different ideas, interests, strengths and cultural backgrounds to make our company successful. You are welcome.

Our Team

Peter Skaronis

Founder and CEO


Maria Riga

Cybersecurity Consultant